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Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Rahul Gaikwad switched his career from working in a BPO to becoming a digital marketer.

With the family’s responsibilities at hand, however, the decision was difficult to make but looking at the prospects of digital marketing he was sure to take that plunge.

Rahul completed his course from an online institute but had no on the ground experience. He knew the theory but the practical was missing.

Wherever he applied for the job, he was not getting any better offers than an internship with a minimal or no stipend.

He was not able to connect the threads and could not put himself in a demanding position with the companies because of his prevailing zero experience at work.

Rahul almost ran into a depression.

He was getting nuts about the entire picture when he found us.

He gave us just 3 more months and his dedication.

With the mentorship and training of our experienced team in just the next 45 days, he landed up with a decent paying freelancing work that he is truly enjoying today…

“Switching from a BPO industry into digital marketing in 2 months is an amazing journey that I am experiencing. After completing my digital marketing certification, I was not sure how to get practical exposure and upgrade my knowledge. That's the time LearnXperience came across me as a guide. The mentor has vast experience and I am learning the experience of the mentor with tips and tricks to become a successful digital marketer”.- Rahul says.

So do we have a magic wand?

No, we have a strategy.

LearnXperience is a platform that gives you a live experience of work and projects which you will handle later with the companies.

You get real-time experience and get to learn how to apply the theoretical knowledge to practical experience and earn from it.

Why should you choose us?

Yes, the question arises when you have completed a digital marketing course and now you need to know the exact reasons to join us.

1. You save yourself from being known as a fresher or an intern:

As you know digital marketing is at its all-time high, getting a job for a newcomer is difficult because of sudden saturation. Whenever you are being questioned about your live experience the response is so different for a fresher. The challenges for a newcomer are many. From not being able to negotiate for your salary to not getting good work from your employer. The challenges are many but the good news is that this can be handled.

2. You get professional mentors to guide you

You get here an environment of learning and not competition. Mentors here have 10 years of real experience in digital marketing and they guide you with everything you need to know at work. With real and live projects they support you and guide you with applying the right techniques to get the desired results at hand. A correct teacher can hone our skills and make your challenges your strengths.

3. You save your time by learning from others mistakes

Your mentors not only tell you what is right but they also tell you what is wrong.

As said “ It’s important to know what to do, but more important than that is to know what not to do. Your mentors here guide you with the mistakes that they have made earlier and support you in learning from them.

4. Prepare you for the corporate or become an entrepreneur

It’s a different game to do a job for someone and a different game to do your own business.

Both profiles have their ins and outs. We teach you how to plan, strategize, and ultimately apply your knowledge to get the desired results. We prepare you for both the environments so that you don’t have any problem choosing what you exactly want. Remember it’s the game of what you want.

5. A certificate of live experience

Upon the completion of the course, you get a work certificate. This gives a valid credential of your experience and increases your prospects of getting better jobs and opportunities. This time invested with us increases your value in the market and gives you the confidence to ask for what you deserve.

The team here at LearnXperience is dedicated to teaching you and giving you more than the exact outcome that you must have expected to get when you completed your live project in digital marketing.

Contact here to Enroll Today.

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