Mentor! Do you have one, with Right Experience?

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

As we all know, the internet is a humongous and THE most relied resource to upscale any and most kind of knowledge base becoming an open school for all, in order to be able to learn something new, different and to upgrade, EVERYDAY. However, is it an appropriate resources? Well, that is what always matters most.

Here, calling attention to one such skill set, "Digital Marketing", the most sort after in today's booming market.

For the past recent years, with growing technology, its exposure and wide outreach, Digital Marketing has been in the forefront, helping all and any kind of businesses grow. But, amidst this pandemic, with most things turning 85% to 100% virtual, Digital Marketing is outshining, leading to a very exponential growth and demand.

While it's of great value, that, GenNext is exposed and is swotting to new and contemporary ideas, that, which is of demand, in view of the current and upcoming markets.

While interacting with many such students recently, we have identified that at least 40% of them all are perusing or willing to be certified, to be digital markers. With several students, we realised that, the challenge to most or all is, they do not have necessary and first hand practice even while being qualified with core concepts of digital marketing, they lack practice, exposure, leading to low confidence with their talents and skills. All of them are keen to "implementing and experiment" the things they have endured.

We  allude to experiments above, as we believe that getting hands on a live project will give the learner much more quality insights, drastically leading to increase one's knowledge and confidence.

These students are all very keen to start exploring their knowledge and to get involved with live projects and as solicited, WE, at LearnXperience, provide 'Digital Marketing Live Projects'. We don't intend to just make a situation here for anyone to lead to be part of LearnXperience, or not, but what we want to highlight is that, WHO an upcoming Digital Marketer learns from? The plain and simple answer to that would be "An Industry Expert Mentor".

Well well, let's all lead to Identify the Digital Marketing Industry EXPERTS appropriately, as someone who...

- is currently in the market with a successful job or entrepreneurship in the Digital Marketing Industry with at least 5 years of continuous hands on work experience.

Well, that is because, "being a part of the current industry is the only source of  being in touch with... latest trends, choices and changing requirements within and around the industry".

Hence we must all accept and understand that learning becomes effective only when one learns from THE Actual Industry Expert. It is most obvious that we all wish to learn lot of things from our mentors. Yet, we at LearnXperience believe, the a Mentor is the epitome of learning from who one can skillfully unveil and be enlightened with the experience of "the MISTAKES". Those, that their Mentor/s may have experienced and learnt while seasoning to be skilled and striving to commence their own career paths. Showcasing the DOs and DON'Ts, how they understood better, the requirements of the markets, rectifying each inappropriate measure step by step as they progressed with a successful career.

Mistakes in terms of Digital Marketing could be,

- Not following an organized work flow process. - Lack of effective understanding of client requirements. - Loosing patience.

While you work on or to fulfill others requirements, a lot of patience and time  is required to get an effective, appealing, unique and appropriate output like, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which requires time and effort.

- Not being proactive or far - sighted.

These are just a few basic examples. It will surely differ from person to person as per experience and or companies and projects they have worked for.


1. Self Confidence: Will make you sure and confident enough to start working on your first job or business knowing exactly what is expected out of you.

2. Effectiveness: Guidance, tips, tricks and experiences of your mentor, will help you look deeply and right through expectations leading to timely and effective deliverables.

3. Elude Mistakes: Learning from the mistakes of your mentor will help you avoid situations that could get out of hand or control as and when you may encounter. It’s good to learn from your own mistakes but it's even better to learn from the mistakes of others and avoid it.

4. Better Pressure Resistance: With your mentor's extensive experience, tips and tricks, you can always be self assured, which will help you to think clearer, keep your minds calm, stay focussed on what needs your time, energy and attention rather than the pressure of deadlines and other obstacles.

And finally, something everyone in the market is looking for, the most important and that which makes your career promising...

5. The Growth Ladder: You become proactive, having an effective and efficient mindset, knowing best of what will suit your work, leading you to meticulously and eventually going up the career growth ladder at a smoother though a quicker pace.

That’s why, we at LearnXperience always say, 

“Learn from the Experience of your Mentors”.

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